Barrydale Art Meander

16 - 19 December 2021
* Barrydale Analog Photo Festival (starts 10 Dec - 20 Dec)                                    
* Open Art Studios and Creative Spaces  (16-19 December - Open daily 10am - 4pm)                                
* MagpieArtCollective Christmas Tree Lighting    
  Reconciliation Day : December 16th (Wednesday Late Afternoon| EveningActivities)
  Picnic in the Park 4pm onwards    
  SWITCH ON : 8:15pm                
  Venue:  Magpie RedFin Minnow Park
  Laing Street (next to KleinHuisRivier)
  (Installation Open to the Public from Dec 16)
* Net Vir Pret Puppet Performances Sunday Evening 6pm (Puppett Parade and Show)
+  Online Showcasing on NetVirPret and Centre for Humanities Platforms
  Celebration of 11 Years of Puppetry and Performance
  Analog tasters will be showcased through the streets of Barrydale during BAM
+  See social media updates for livestreaming times, videos and upcoming events/workshops and shows in the lead up  
   to and during BAM!2021
INFORMATION : Shane +27 79 318 4289 or E :
Please follow for daily updates